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More than 20 author's programs in the field of management, sales, consulting and facilitation.

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Sales-coaching - sales catalyst
Get the most marketable skill
Managerial programs
Situational leadership
You'll learn not only how to identify employee's style and choose relevant leadership style, but you'll learn how to develop your own management skill.
Team leader as a trainer for his team
With the help of this program you'll become a real trainer for your team, evolving not only each member, but also creating techniques to pump your skills.
Team leader as a facilitator for his team
With the help of this program you'll become an irreplaceable team member by helping the team in realizing goals and achieving them. As a facilitator you'll decide what will be effective and what is not. You can make every team member feel comfortable and every interaction - productive.
Team leader as a mentor
Become a real mentor for your team and develop your own management skills.
DISC method evaluation
DISC typology it's a tool that can help to not only improve understanding and interaction among employees and their leaders, but also increase their effectiveness minimizing monetary way of motivation.
Effective communication on and off the team
What to do so that any meeting could take less time and be more effective? What to do so that your team members could hear each other and interact effectively? You'll find out in this program.
Personal effectiveness
How to become productive and manage every component of your own effectiveness?
Emotional intelligence and emotional competence
Do you understand the nature of emotions and use them for achieving goals? Can you manage conflicts and use coaching approach?
Emotional burnout syndrome and its prevention
How to deal with stress, procrastination and emotional burnout?
Professional coach skills in agile-projects (CCE, ICF)
The program aims at developing competencies and leader skills that help in leading your team to success. The program is accredited by CCE ICF
Sales-coaching - sales catalyst (CCE, ICF)
Special models of dialogues that cause blast ascent of motivation and powerful focusing. The program is accredited by ICF. After finishing program you'll get an international certificate.
Programs in the sales area
Sales technology - advanced level
How to identify client's needs and raise sales? How to apply sales techniques effectively and raise motivation?
Phone sales
How to do so that clients were not hanging up after greetings and were open to proposals?
Impact techniques in long deals
How to led a client to make a purchase and close the deal? Find out effective and proven impact techniques and reduce duration of decision-making by client twice and more.
Sale of services and difficult products
What to do if you've chosen selling specialized product and it's too late to move towards mass market? How to sell and find clients in that scenario? You'll find out in this program.
Clients' typology in sales using DISC method
After finishing this program you'll be able to build communication efficiently with different types of clients and increase sales with the help of DISC typology.
Training of additional sales using "speaking menu" system
Increase your average check with the power of words using "speaking menu" system, receiving 'thank you for the service and attention" from your clients.
Effective presentation in sales
How to underline existing merits without taking them out of the air and to listen to your client's needs?
Effective presentation in sales for decision maker's team
How to identify the decision maker and his needs? How to reduce time for making decision? You'll find out in this program.
Time management for sales departments
What if the sales department doesn't cover the plan and you're losing clients because "the client asked to call him in a week"? You can do so that your employees could manage their own time and your company could have its own time management standard.
Building relationships with clients
How to move from "client-executive" paradigm to the partnership model, how to keep and evolve your client
"School of building selling Sales department" or "Efficient management of sales department"
Three-module training program for companies working with B2B
Sales battle
New format of training and evaluating B2B managers
School of big sales
Your basis for training managers and sales redoubling
Consulting and facilitation
Preparing and assessment of trainers
How to prepare corporate trainer who will be able to take into account all the nuances of company's specific in order to achieve maximum results?
Training products development
You will be able to develop trainings from the ground zero: from the concept to writing a program. You'll learn to create the content parts, link them together and include practical units in one program
Team sessions "Seeking points of growth"
How to make a point of growth out of the "problem"? How to find them and learn to work with them?
Team sessions to achieve planning figure
What if in your company achieving target figures is a miracle that could happen, but never happened? Make myths come real practice!
Expert facilitation
Help your team to keep focus on tasks, listen to each other, negotiate, accept responsibility in implementing aims.
Building a system of sales coaching and coaching in agile-teams
Course of coaching sessions with step-by-step support in creating effective system
Developing training system for selling staff and developing learning content
Find out how to create training system and training content for sales department