Elena Malilo

Business trainer / Speaker / Coach (PCC) / Expert in building training systems
70 000
people at trainings and conferences
years of conducting business trainings
3 500
hours of personal coach sessions
transnational corporations

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Sales-coaching - sales catalyst
Get the most marketable skill
Professional activity
Managerial programs
  • Sales-coaching - sales catalyst
  • Professional coach skills in agile projects
  • Emotional burnout syndrome and its prevention
  • Case leadership
  • DISC method evaluation
  • Leader as a trainer of his team
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Programs in the sales area
  • Phone sales
  • Sale of services and complex products
  • Typology of clients using DISC methodology
  • Training of additional sales using "speaking menu" system
  • Time management for sales department
More programs are in the section "About Me"
Consulting and facilitation
  • Preparing and assessment of trainers
  • Training products development
  • Team sessions "Seeking points of growth"
  • Expert facilitation
  • Building a system of sales coaching and coaching in agile-teams and many other things
More programs are in the section "About Me"
Professional Speakers Association of India 2020
Presentation "Customer Journey Map (CJM) for speakers - Sales Mastery"
Customer Journey Map (CJM) for speakers - Sales Mastery
  • How and why should a speaker research the listener experience to create extraordinary speeches and increase your sales
  • CJM - How to properly explore listener experience and improve your own performances and online products
  • Empathy map - is a visualization of the main features of the client that helps meet their expectations better
  • Storytelling - how to present the usefulness of your ideas
  • How to create interactive solutions to improve services and products and increase your sales
    Professional Speakers Association of India 2020
    Sundeep Verma - founder of Cobalt Blue Foundation
    Vandana Nagpaul is Image Consultant, Certified Soft Skill Trainer