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Kirill Lipay, Director of MalikSpace, partner of ScrumTrek
Karina Prolomova, recruiting manager, MODERN GLASS
Denis Silin, Director of La Prima
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Kiselyova Svetlana
As a participant of the training (which was the first in my life) I really liked it. The training turned my view on sales over. Elena helped to understand that you need to start with your own confidence and do not be afraid of the word "no." There is a lot of things to work at. Most importantly, I understood this and now there is something to strive for and where to grow.
Evgeniya Jumalaldinova
Coach Elena Malillo left the impression of a good professional in her field, who not only understands her subject, but can competently and easily convey it to others. In addition, thanks to her personal qualities - openness, friendliness - it was easy to work with her. Separately, I want to note the good organization of the training, especially coffee breaks.
Julia Moskina
I would like to thank Elena Malillo for two very interesting and productive days. I liked the training very much, got a lot of positive emotions, a boost of energy. I have allocated a lot of information for myself, I understood my mistakes and shortcomings. There is motivation to work on yourself. I realized that for my client I am a specialist, friend, trustee. I realized that everything is built on confidential communication, that all successful sales depend on my competent analysis and presentation of the products. I got a lot of tools, I will try to realize myself not only as a seller, but also as a consultant and a marketer. Thank you very much!
Alexander Razumovsky
What I would like to say about the training. I was at such event for the first time, and of course, first of all, it was interesting to me! There was an opportunity to see myself and my colleagues from the outside, to make certain conclusions about working moments. Finding out new things for yourself, see the live work of professionals. It was also interesting for me to work with objections, because, based on the practice of working in trade, the category of people coming to the shopping center is completely different and when the buyer says it's expensive or something else is wrong, thanks to the well-developed algorithm of actions, we now we can dispel the buyer's doubts, prove to him that his fears regarding the chosen product are false, and thereby already citing evidence of conclusive facts to conclude, as they say, a deal as a result of which both parties will remain satisfied. For the buyer, this is the exclusion of doubts due to the facts and the feeling that the product is not just flogged, but proved that it is better.
What do corporate clients say?